General Naming Opportunities

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The Armstrong Student Center is a celebration of the Miami Family.

More than 11,000 alumni and friends supported its construction, and they are recognized throughout the building on glass and stone and in plaques and brass lettering—a reminder to future generations about the loyalty and commitment of Miamians.

With the start of construction on the Armstrong Student Center’s East Wing, you have one more limited-time opportunity—until Dec. 31, 2016—to ensure your legacy in the Armstrong Student Center or encourage friends or family members to create their own legacies.

The Bicentennial Wall, $250 per individual ($500 per couple) 

The popular etched glass wall that runs along the Armstrong Center’s Slant Walk, listing hundreds of donor names, is extending into a new second-floor area. The location passes through heavily utilized student meeting and study rooms and leads to the impressive overhead walkway linking the current Center to the East Wing.

Slant Walk Tiles, $2,500

Individuals,  couples or families can own a piece of the Armstrong Student Center’s Slant Walk by purchasing one of the etched floor tiles—measuring 12 inches by 6 inches—that lead students out toward Miami’s Campus Hub or into the Bicentennial Rotunda.

The Bicentennial Rotunda, $20,000

These large etched stones prominently surrounding the Bicentennial Rotunda’s breathtaking Great Seal can honor individuals, couples, families or groups. Only a handful of these coveted stones—measuring nearly 30 by 20 inches—remain, and they will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.