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Miami Activities & Programming (MAP)

Miami Activities & Programming (MAP)
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Miami Activities & Programming (MAP) provides entertainment to all students on campus. Our organization values making connections through experiences, so we put on programs free of charge and open to all students on campus throughout the semester. As we build our brand and identity across campus, you will see us at a casino night, a free showing of the latest box office hit, a fall festival or a spring concert! As our student population grows, so does our desire to provide more large scale programming! We oversee Late Night Miami, our Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening programs, as well as grants to student organizations to put on their own events! Your donation could help us build a robust calendar full of entertainment options for students on and off campus! As we work toward larger prog ramming, we are also working to build our brand as an organization. Your donation could help every student to recognize a MAP event when they see one! To see more about our events, please visit our social media below!
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