2015-2016 Endowment Report

Lindsey Pappalardo ’17“I’m so grateful for the support of donors – many of whom were probably in the same boat as me once – who are giving me this opportunity to achieve something that means so much to me.”

Lindsey Pappalardo ’17



A debt that can never be repaid...

The impact of a college scholarship is enduring, reaching beyond four years to shape individual lives and the futures of entire families.

For many, the realization of what a scholarship has meant in their lives leads to a sense of responsibility to the future. A significant percentage of Miami’s most dedicated alumni donors were once in financial need themselves.

They have lived the power of the Miami Experience through the generosity of others and wish to share it with future generations through endowed funds.

The following stories represent the countless men and women who credit their lives’ success to a transformative college experience.

These are stories of debts that can never be repaid and important reminders that an investment in a student’s education is boundless in its ability to touch the future.

2015-2016 Investment Report


The Puzzitiellos support Miami Football student-athletes with financial need, in appreciation of the football scholarship Richard received 50 years ago.

Mark moved to Washington to pursue a life of public service. These students are learning about public service through an internship with the city of Cincinnati.

​As an education student, Judy Matsko took many courses in McGuffey Hall, home to the College of Education, Healthy, and Society.

The Lynn and Tim Pistell Scholarship supports students majoring in botany, a program that helps maintain and protect one of Miami’s iconic features – Bishop Woods.