Where to Give

Aerial view of campus

Your generosity matters. The support of our donors is how Miami University continues to be recognized as an outstanding undergraduate university.

There are several ways to support the university. From the Miami Fund to scholarships to supporting athletics through Graduating Champions, each initiative has a dedicated page to help students reach their full potential.

  • Miami Fund– A critical source of funding used to meet Miami’s greatest needs.

  • Miami Family Fund– A fund used to strengthen the university’s efforts to provide a safe, vibrant and well-rounded college experience.

  • Academics – The homes of Miami’s academic divisions.

  • Red & White Club– The official fundraising organization that supports Miami Athletics’ annual scholarship needs.

  • Scholarships – A crucial way to attract bright, talented and motivated students to Miami.

  • Graduating Champions– A historic fundraising effort for Miami Athletics.

  • Miami Regionals – Ways to invest in students attending Miami’s regional locations.

  • Western College Alumnae Association– Funds to support the Western College Alumnae Association.