Miami Family Fund

Graduating cap saying 'Thanks Mom and Dad and Google'

Each year, families play a critical role in supporting and enhancing the Miami Experience through the Miami Family Fund. Made possible through the private support of Miami families, this powerful fund strengthens the university’s efforts to provide a safe, well-rounded, vibrant college experience by offering critical support in a variety of areas:

  • Scholarship assistance that allows students to continue their Miami journey;

  • Support for cultural events and experiences;

  • Funding that allows students to conduct and present research;

  • Assistance for community engagement and service activities;

  • Support for health and wellness programming and resources;

  • Funding that makes conference attendance and study abroad experiences accessible;

  • Programming support for career and leadership activities;

  • A last resort for students with profound needs and nowhere else to turn financially.

Why should I contribute?

Your generous support helps Miami uphold its academic excellence by strengthening the programs that enhance our students' educational environment. Our success is nationally recognized year after year in large part because of your continuing support.


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Miami Family Fund Impact

Family Fund was instrumental in 2016 weeklong event

“A place with a story to tell.”

Sophomore Imani Fields spent one week in Washington, D.C., over winter term and left with a cemented desire to work in foreign policy.