Armstrong Student Center Dining Concepts to be An Experience All Their Own

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Bob and Doris 52’ Pulley Diner will provide the classic 1950s diner experience 24/7 within the Armstrong Student Center

By Vince Frieden, Associate Director of Development Communications

For the men and women at Miami University Dining Services, Miami’s students are far more than just another plate.

“Many of us are parents ourselves,” said executive chef Eric Yung. “We look at our students like our own kids, and we want them to eat well.”

That pride and passion for creating a world-class dining experience is reflected in Miami’s award-winning dining services program, which since 2004, has won eight grand prizes and 14 gold awards from the National Association of College and University Food Service (NACUFS)—more than any other North American university. 

“We consider the dining experience a part of the larger Miami Experience,” said Nancy Heidtman, senior director of dining & culinary support services. “We are teaching students to eat intelligently while bringing different cultures to them. Our students are well-traveled, and they know quality, so we are constantly challenged to provide quality, fresh foods at a fair price.”

Miami is in the process of reinventing dining on campus and will be introducing 18 new dining concepts at three different locations within the next 18 months. Among those are the six concepts available within the Armstrong Student Center. According to Yung, the dining experience within the Center will be like a trip around the globe and maybe even back in time.

“The larger space and various concepts allow us to appeal to a lot of diverse tastes and demographics,” Yung said. “It’s going to take a while for students to rotate through all the menus.”

Miami Ice
Miami Ice will satisfy your sweet tooth or need for a caffeine fix. It features in-house gelatos, an ice cream folding station and a selection of coffees, espressos and cappuccinos. Among the tastes to watch for are toasted roll-flavored ice cream and “cereal milk” flavored gelato.

Sundial Pizza Company
This popular campus mainstay has been functioning as a delivery-only service, but it will have a brick and mortar location within the Armstrong Student Center. Grab a ready-to-go pizza slice, a whole pie or a pre-designed pasta. Or, if you have time, you can customize your pizza or pasta or choose from a selection of baked sandwiches, including subs and strombolis.

Named for one of the hottest of all chili peppers, Serrano features your favorite Latin American flavors. You can build your own ready-to-go burritos, tacos, taco bowls and quesadillas with a variety of proteins, toppings and salsas in the front line. The back line features popular tapas, including chips fried right there, and a selection of popular South and Central American sandwiches, including pressed Cubans.

Mein Street Mongolian & Asian Grill
Take a tour of Asian cuisine with a single stop. Mein Street features an oversized Teppanyaki grill, where customers will select a protein, vegetables and sauce to be grilled right before their eyes. The Pho Station offers crunchy, vibrant and fresh Vietnamese soups, featuring flavorful broths with lots of vegetables. The noodle bar highlights one of China’s most popular dishes—just pick your protein, veggies and sauce. There’s also a grab-and-go option offering spring rolls, crab Rangoon, wantans and more.

Bob & Doris ’ 52 Pulley Diner
Step back in time to this 1950s-style diner on the Armstrong Student Center’s second level. The menu is 1950s authentic—right down to the crinkle-cut fries—and also includes a soda jerk station featuring shakes, root beer floats and more. Bob and Doris ’52 Pulley Diner will be open 24/7 and will also feature plated breakfast options for when dawn breaks over those all-night cram sessions.

Haines’ Boulangerie
Enjoy soups, salads and sandwiches—made on fresh baked bread—at what’s sure to be a popular lunchtime stop. Order your salad or sandwich fresh to your specifications, using a variety of fresh ingredients, or grab a pre-made selection on the run. Haines’ Boulangerie will also offer popular combo options that let you select from a half-sandwich, half-salad and half-soup.