Why the Red & White Club?

John Harbaugh

“It's one of the very best schools in the country, and we can be one of the very best athletic schools in the country—as a matter of fact, we are in many ways—but it takes our help."

-John Harbaugh '84
Football Alumnus/NFL Head Coach


Important dates for membership year:

June 30

  • Red & White Club membership deadline
  • Donations intended to both meet donor-based seating requirements and Red & White Club membership levels are encouraged to be made by this date

December 31

  • End-of-year giving deadline for tax purposes.

What is the Red & White Club?

The Red & White Club's primary purpose is to provide annual scholarship funding to Miami University student-athletes. By becoming a member and contributing to the Red & White Club, you support the participation of young men and women in intercollegiate athletics while encouraging them to be champions in competition, in the classroom and in the community. 

Why is the Red & White Club important? 

With scholarship costs for the athletic department at more than $6 million annually, your support of the Red & White Club is vital to the long-term growth and success of Miami Athletics. Maximizing our ability to provide scholarship assistance allows our coaches to recruit and retain the highest caliber student-athletes and is essential for the continued success, competitiveness and sustainability of our athletic programs. 

Your gift DOES make a difference.



For more information, please contact:

Brad OkelBrad Okel
Associate Director

Nick SmithNick Smith
Assistant Director

Paul BlandPaul Bland
Development Coordinator