Sustaining gift

Female students talking in front of Emerson Hall

What is a sustainer?

Sustainers make ongoing, recurring gifts to Miami, providing a dependable funding source to the university and reducing fundraising costs so more of their gifts go directly to supporting Miami students. You can set this up easily by using our secure online giving form. You can call us any time to stop or change your gift.

Why should I become a sustainer?

Sustainers maximize the value of their gifts to Miami while minimizing the impact on their personal lives. Your gift is ongoing, which means that your "to do" list never includes a reminder to support current Miami students with a gift, so you will receive fewer phone calls and mailings from us. You also won't feel the pinch in your pocketbook from a lump sum donation. You have complete control over your gift.

How do sustainers help Miami?

  • Fewer college resources are devoted to gift processing.
  • You help save thousands of dollars in fundraising costs (mailing, postage, and staff), which can be re-directed to support our student's greatest needs.
  • Your dollars go directly into programs that support the entire university and every faculty member.

What's in it for sustainers?

  • Special recognition and campus engagement opportunities.
  • An annual call from a current student to chat about what's happening at Miami.
  • Complete control over your giving.
  • Sustainers make Miami more efficient and free more money for students.


Make a gift and become a sustainer today