Lives transformed

“My mom is a single parent with three kids who makes less than $30,000 a year, and yet, through my scholarships, I’m able to get a top-notch education and enjoy a college experience that is every bit as great as any of my classmates. I don’t know how to fully thank those whose gracious generosity helps those who need it the most, other than to pursue my education gratefully and to never forget the gift I’ve been given.”

“My achievements in and out of the classroom and the unforgettable adventures I've enjoyed studying abroad are all part of a college experience I will treasure for a lifetime. Your support is not simply helping me with four years of college, you are giving me a life and a future that I am most enthusiastic about living.”

“Miami not only gave me an education, but it also gave me career direction, taught me how to navigate a challenging economy, and taught me important life lessons that some people  never learn. My scholarship support EMPOWERED me and gave me access to so many opportunities I would not otherwise have enjoyed. I am where I am today because of my Miami Experience.”

“This scholarship signifies that you have faith in me. It says that you have invested in my life and trust that I have the drive and ability to make the world a better place through my education.”

“Miami has been an ideal fit for me and has really given me the opportunities and support to find the right fit academically and to have experiences I might not otherwise have pursued. It says a lot about Miami that alumni remain so positive about their college experience and so committed to the university through their giving back.”

“I am paying my own way through college, and, while I work 25 hours a week, there are times when I look at my bursar bill and my bank account and wonder how I’m going to bridge that gap. Miami is worth every penny. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received and the opportunities Miami has created for me. I can’t imagine not having the opportunity to be a Miami student.”

“From the moment I first arrived at Miami, I fell in love with the campus and the opportunities I knew I’d have here. I’m so grateful to alumni who are willing to give and share the same great college experience they enjoyed, and I’m motivated to not let this opportunity go to waste.”

“Miami was the right size and distance from home, and I loved the intimate campus environment, people and great business school.  Once I was offered a merit scholarship that made Miami as affordable as the other schools I was considering, it was really an easy choice for me.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without scholarship support. As I went out into my internships and later my profession, I quickly realized how I had been prepared and pushed through dedicated teaching and rigorous coursework to be more productive. When I see a new technological advancement or design, I ask myself ‘Why can’t I?’”