Annual Giving Societies

Miami University’s ability to uphold its traditional standards while anticipating future needs is reliant on the annual support of alumni and friends. With this in mind, Miami celebrates annual donors at all giving levels, promoting a ‘culture of giving back’ that sustains the university, its faculty and staff, and its students for generations.


Presidents Club logo
Presidents Club

Miami's most prestigious annual giving society celebrates the leadership of donors who contribute $2,000 or more each year.  Through enhancing a profound commitment to teaching, advancing research and innovation, and supporting leading-edge programs and facilities, members of the Presidents Club empower Miami to embrace the possibilities of its third century.

Gifts of $2,000 can provide...

  • A scholarship for a current student.
  • The opportunity for a student to pursue a research project in his or her area of interest.
  • The chance for a faculty member to attend a conference and present research.
  • A stipend for a faculty member.
  • Operating expenses for a student group.
  • The opportunity for a student to study abroad.
  • Travel costs for speakers to come to campus.


 Bishop Society logo
Bishop Society

Honoring Miami’s first president, Robert Hamilton Bishop, the Bishop Society recognizes donors who give $1,000 or more annually.

Gifts of $1,000 can provide...

  • Study abroad assistance.
  • A research grant for a student.
  • Funds for a student to attend a conference.
  • A scholarship for a current student.


1809 Club logo
1809 Club

Commemorating the year of Miami’s founding, the 1809 Club is a long-standing giving society celebrating those who give $500 or more each year.

Gifts of $500 can provide...

  • A semester of books for a student.
  • Airfare for a student traveling abroad.
  • Funding for the activities of a co-curricular club.
  • An award ceremony for students.
  • The opportunity to bring a local speaker to campus.


Bicentennial  Club logo
Bicentennial Club

An exciting first step into Miami’s giving tradition, the Bicentennial Club recognizes donors who contribute at least $200 annually in honor of Miami’s 200 years.

Gifts of $200 can provide...

  • Art supplies for students studying education or creative arts.
  • Private music lessons for students.
  • Funds to allow students to participate in co-curricular club.
  • Travel expenses for a local conference.


Red  Brick Society logo
Red Brick Society

Miami’s most valuable supporters are those the university can count on year after year. The Red Brick Society welcomes donors at any level who simply renew their commitment to Miami each year by making a gift. Eligible members include donors who have made a gift every year since graduation or donors who have given in at least 25 consecutive years.


Participant logo
Miami University Alumni Association-Participant

While all Miami alumni are members of the Miami University Alumni Association, annual donors supporting any area(s) of campus at $50 or more automatically receive Participant status. This entitles them to special membership and access opportunities.