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“You look back on your four years here and know that it made a difference in your life. I look up to the people who draw on their experience here at Miami and say, ‘I want to make sure this next generation has that.’”

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“I would have never been able to attend Miami on my own. I would like to thank you immensely for allowing me this opportunity. I will never forget it, and I will always strive to make the most of it.”  – Tabitha Nolan ’17

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“To the amazing donors, thank you for encouraging Miami University to be the wonderful university it is and for continuing your support.”  – Marta Stewart '18

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“Thank you so much for believing in a person you don’t know personally and for seeing things in those students – in me – that have captivated you enough to want to be a part of their story.” —Anthony Thompson '18

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“Donor support helped me stay in school and provided so many of the unique experiences I enjoyed at Miami. Now I’m beginning the career of my dreams, and it’s thanks to donors like you.” —Janell Roeper '16

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The donors who funded my scholarships inspired me to raise funds for the Class of 2016 Scholarship, which will help future generations attend Miami. It’s a unique opportunity to leave an impact that will last long beyond my four years on campus.—Stephanie Hess, ’16

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“We choose to give back to Miami because we know they will put our money to good use. It’s true– every gift makes a difference.”
—Chris ’10 and Steph Andrews Mazzocco ’10

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