Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Miami University Foundation is to support Miami University’s educational and research activities, as well as its vibrant student life including arts, athletics and co-curricular endeavors. The Foundation Board does so through the identification and solicitation of philanthropic support and effective oversight of the management and stewardship of the Miami University endowment.


The vision of the Miami University Foundation is to be a guardian of Miami University’s future through the Foundation’s activities to grow the University’s endowment and to be recognized as a model for performance, accountability, stewardship and commitment to excellence.


The Board of Directors of the Foundation values

. . . our stakeholders, including the relationships they have with the University, the service they provide to the campus community and their local communities on behalf of the University, and the philanthropy they contribute to the University.

. . . the sincere passion and loyalty demonstrated by the Miami family.

. . . accountability to our stakeholders, including a commitment to responsible stewardship.

. . . transparency in order to build and hold the trust of our stakeholders.

. . . working with others in collaborative endeavors for the benefit of the University.

. . . our reputation as a highly respected foundation that adheres to the highest professional standards.

. . . our own integrity and the integrity of each individual with whom we work.

. . . exceptional ethical standards under which we will operate at all times.