Fall 2015 Giving Tribute

Hodge delivers final president’s annual address

Fund supports research for women graduate students

Scholarship takes advantage of Match the Promise program

“Through my scholarship support, people I don’t personally know believe in what I have to offer this campus and what this university has to offer me.”

“Without the scholarship, I don’t know if I would have been able to finish my education at Miami. It would have broken my heart.”

“Graduating Champions means not only to be able to excel athletically but to really be a top-of-the-class student and a good person.”

Support funds scholarship and hockey shooting room

Recovering addicts seeks to involve parents, Miami community in educating students

Jamie ’86 and Kathy Rohrs Wilhelm ’86 were totally not going to be that high school couple that went off to the same college together.

Alumni involvement fuels student-led passion

Funding crucial to driving larger CEC women’s initiatives

Thomas W. Smith Foundation renews commitment

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