Giving Tribute-Special End of Campaign Report

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Giving Tribute-Special End of Campaign Report Online Publication
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From Our President
On behalf of all the students, faculty, programs and research that have been and will be impacted by your generosity, I extend a most heartfelt and profound thank you.

From Our Campaign Chair
We didn’t get this far without a lot of help and hard work along the way—every dollar given and every hour volunteered truly made a difference.

A Stronger Miami
The Evidence of Our Success
While it is impossible to measure the profound impact of the Campaign For Love and Honor, strong evidence is already apparent in the latest rankings.

Student Financial Assistance
The Promise of a Miami University Education
Miami dramatically increased the size and number of scholarship endowments throughout the Campaign.

Faculty Support
Empowering Great Teacher-Mentors and Discoverers
Faculty support is enabling Miami to attract and retain great teachers while also advancing the reputation of its faculty as world-class scholars and discoverers. 

Student Opportunities
Setting Our Graduates Apart
The traits many employers value most in Miami students are groomed in the co-curricular and real-world opportunities Miami supports outside of class. 

Facilities and Grounds
Spaces and Places for Growth
Some of the Campaign's most tangible achievements include the state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge technologies that are enhancing life for Miami students.