Tax and legal information

2015 Form 990 for Miami University Foundation

Tax Exempt Letter


Stock and Mutual Fund Transfer Information

Electronic Transfer of Shares
Shares may be electronically transferred to the Miami University Foundation through either Merrill Lynch or Fifth Third Bank. The value of each gift for tax purposes is determined by taking the mean of the high and low trading values of the shares on the day they are received in the account multiplied by the number of shares transferred.

Account Information


Fifth Third Bank

For DTC Eligible Securities:


Account Name

Miami University Fdn – Gift Account

Account #




Agent Bank #



Primary Contact Person

Montanae Zeigler-Penn, Global Custody Administrator

Telephone #


Fax #



Back-up Contact Person

Jabbar Hallums, Global Custody Administrator

Telephone #




Merrill Lynch

Foundation Account #




Contact Person

Rick Cottrell/Fred Gallenstein

Telephone #


Fax #


Transfer by Certificate

If you have in your possession the paper stock certificates, you should use the following procedure:

1. Please do not complete any section on the reverse side of the stock certificate(s). Simply mail to the following address

. Miami University
Office of Development
Murstein Alumni Center
725 E. Chestnut Street
Oxford, Ohio 45056

Please also include a letter stating that you are contributing the certificate(s) to the Miami University Foundation.

2. In a separate envelope, please mail one signed copy of a stock power form per each certificate. The signature on the stock power form should reflect precisely the name printed on the certificate. Please also include one signed release form. Other than adding your signature to these forms, do not complete any other section.


Transfers of Mutual Funds

Due to the complex nature of mutual fund transfers, all mutual fund gifts will be directed to Fifth Third Bank

1. Please provide the following information:

Ticker Symbol/Cusip#

Estimated Share Amount

Delivering Firm




2.  Upon receipt, this information will be forwarded to Fifth Third Bank.  

3.  The bank will then request transfer instructions.  

4.  Transfer instructions will then need to be sent to the originating financial services provider to complete the transfer.